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New Normal for Me

Well, I’ve finally had a “New Normal” experience.  I guess this is going to the future for us all.  I’m not sure it’s an improvement.  But even the Old Normal was not my favorite thing to do. 

Hole in my Roof

I am a wiser man today.  How?  By having a HOLE in my roof.  A strange thing to say right?  But the other day while sitting in my living room I heard a strange sound.  The dogs

Flag Day is Coming

June 14th is Flag Day on the calendar. But do you know why Flag Day is June 14th? Or why we celebrate Flag Day? Bernard Cigrand, a small-town Wisconsin teacher, originated the idea for an annual flag

Summer Memories

Summer is almost here. Of course, this summer may be unlike any summer you remember. But I don’t want to talk about “This” Summer. I want to ask you about what you consider your Best Summer you

How You Doin?

NO…not a Friends joke. I really want to know HOW you are doing these days? Are you scared? Are you Happy? Are you Hopeful? How are you dealing with all the Virus News we get inundated with

Time to Fly

Warmer weather means more outdoor activity. It also means more open doors and windows. And it eventually means you will have to deal with bugs. Especially the common House Fly. Not only are flies a nuisance, but

Stuck On You

No, I’m not confessing my love for you. I’m wondering if you are having the same problem I seem to be having. Stickers in my yard are growing like crazy. My little dog can no longer walk