Brad Ford

Sign of the End

Don’t worry this is not a blog about the End of the World. I think you can get plenty of those stories from the news and other places these days. No, this is a story about how

Outhouse Memories

So I still cannot find any TP when I go looking. I guess eventually this might turn into a messy problem for me. But for now, I’m ok. I don’t have any idea what people are doing

Last Weekend

What did you do last weekend? Was your weekend as exciting as mine? Here is what I did to entertain myself this past weekend.  See what you think about my weekend adventures. First I went to a

Are You Bored Yet

So you can’t go or do what you want to do. Are you getting bored by just sitting at home? Are you tired of surfing the web and watching the Boob Tube? You are getting really bored

Project Blue Book

Have you watched Project Blue Book on the History Channel? I got hooked last year on Season One. While Season Two does not seem as good to me as the first season it still is worth watching