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2020 Texarkana Dragon Boat Festival Details

The Dragon Boat Festival is the biggest annual fundraiser for HandsOn Texarkana. Who provide volunteer services to the Texarkana area. Disaster preparedness, Youth Volunteer classes in schools, parenting classes, transportation for seniors who need help getting to

Together We Can Have a Brighter Tomorrow

We were so lucky that Lamish Bell stopped but and visited with us about the amazing group of volunteers that belong to the “Brighter Tomorrow Foundation.” Feel free to message this amazing foundation for details regarding volunteering,

Lady in Leather Parade and Rally

Courtesy FB/ladiesinleatherparadeToday we had Denisha May with Lady in Leather Parade Rally as our guest today. This amazing organization is about “rallying” empowerment for women.  You can call (409) 454-4983 or email, or on Facebook