Celebrate National Spouse’s Day | January 26th

Courtesy Pixabay

What the heck?  I think that National Spouse’s Day is just pushing it too far. Shouldn’t we celebrate our spouse every day, isn’t that why we have anniversaries? Why must we wait for a “national day?”  Valentine’s is coming right up, I think Hallmark is trying to just guilt us into spending more money.  I did find some pretty interesting facts about marriage for you.

  • The average married couple has sex once a week

  • 20% of married couples have a sex-less marriage

  • It’s legal to marry someone who is dead in France

  • Over 300 couples marry in Las Vegas every single day

  • The 3rd year of marriage is usually the happiest for most couples

  • Every hour, there are a 100 divorces in the United States

  • Interracial marriage was banned in the U.S up until 1967

  • Gamophobia is the fear of commitment

  • Wedding rings go back to Ancient Egypt
    Courtesy HolidaysCalendar.com

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