Comet Neowise On Show Nightly


Forget those sitcom reruns this week. Instead, go out and see a really unusual show–Comet Neowise.

Comet Neowise was discovered just this late March, as it began traveling through our solar system.  Astronomers feared that the comet might break up, even before it came near Earth…but it’s held together just fine. This is a great opportunity to break out that old telescope, or even binoculars, take the kids out to an area with no street lights…and observe a heavenly visitor.

How do we, and when do we see Comet Neowise?  Face northwest, right after sunset tonight, or any night, through this Sunday, July 26th. Look for the constellation the Big Dipper, then look up. You should be able to see the comet with the unaided eye. By the way, each night, Neowise will appear higher and higher in the northwest sky. Just remember to get away from city lights, and trees.

This week is THE week for viewing, though. If you wait,  you will miss Comet Neowise. And it won’t be returning, for another 6,800 years, report the astronomers.

It’s a free ticket to a family-friendly show. Just go outside, at dusk, when the first stars appear.

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