Complete Details Academic Year 2020-2021 | TASD

Today we have Superintendent Dr. Becky Kesler and Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Robin Hickerson from Texarkana Arkansas School District as our guests today. We talked about instruction being offered three learning pathways to help ensure all the student’s learning needs are being met. We are pleased to confirm that school will commence for the academic year of 2020-2021 on Wednesday, August 26th.

We know that classes will look different this fall. However, we want to assure you that no matter which instructional pathway you choose, your student will receive a high-quality education. TASD has released the Reopening Plan on the District website and social media. Included in the plan is the Learning Pathway Selection Form. Parents are asked to complete the form for each school-aged child living in the household.

Reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions located on the website may help you determine which instructional pathway is best suited for your child and answer any questions you may have as you prepare for the upcoming school year.