Covid Numbers Continue to Climb Locally

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After going down for several months, unfortunately, the Covid-19 positive numbers have been on the climb since early December across the area.

Here are the latest numbers in our three-county area of Bowie, Miller, and Cass Counties from the State Departments of Health in Arkansas  and Texas:

Bowie County

Confirmed Cases 8,478
Probable Cases 5,952
Fatalities 358 +2
Active Cases (Estimated) 1,053 +336
Recovered (Estimated) 13,018

Miller County

Miller County
Total Cases 7,251, New Cases  +157
Deaths 157 +4

Cass County

Confirmed Cases 3,104
Probable Cases 1,912
Fatalities 163
Active Cases (Estimated) 327 +72
Recovered (Estimated) 4,527

Here is an update from the Miller County Office of Emergency Management:

Emergency Management hasn’t posted an update on COVID lately but our office has received questions and requests so here’s a quick update on the status of Miller County.
With the new COVID variants, the risk level in Miller County is considered ‘Very High’ with a current positive rate of 14.7%. Miller County is ranked 16th among Arkansas’ 75 counties in daily new cases, infection and positivity rate. We rank next to last in the state in vaccinations with 38.4%. Total new cases stand at 7067 with 6667 recovered and 153 deaths related to COVID infection. We currently have 246 positive cases. Local primary care physicians report about 10 positive cases per clinic daily. Arkansas saw the highest reported positivity rate ever today.
While vaccinations are readily available, testing facilities are inundated with test requests as some clinics and pharmacies remain understaffed. OEM will participate in a conference with the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management and the ADH on Thursday to discuss a test kit distribution plan. OEM wants to remind everyone, whether you support vaccinations or not, to please use common sense and good judgement when gathering at public venues with fifty or more people. Wear masks, use hand sanitizer and social distance.
It is your choice to accept or deny the pandemic, but consider every one within close proximity. This pandemic will continue for quite a while with new variants, infections and deaths expected. More on Monoclonal Antibody Therapy soon. For more information please visit:

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