Dress in Blue Today

Courtesy FB/CCA

If you went to the closet this morning and, while looking around for something to wear, you thought: ‘Hey, aren’t we supposed to dress in blue today? But I can’t remember why!’ We have the answer for you.

March 6th is designated as Dress in Blue Day, from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.  The month of March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance homepage:

This year, more than 147,000 people will be diagnosed with this highly preventable disease. They will join more than 1.4 million colorectal cancer patients and survivors living today.

Yes. This is the disease that the commercials featuring that little talking blue box is concerned with. You’ve seen the little blue box, right/ He’s the one who is ordered by your physician. You go home and go to the bathroom with the little blue box, follow the instructions, and mail your sample off to be tested. As with all forms of cancer, early detection is key.

Maybe you wore blue today. Blue jeans do count, yes. Whether you are a fundraiser for CCA, or you just wore something blue? We just thought you’d like to be made aware.

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