Eighteen-Year-Old Arkansas High School Student Has CDL

COVID has put a strain on everyone and everything causing fatigue and burnout for many of our essential workers. Our Commercial Driver truck drivers are exhausted. To help ensure we can overcome this part of the “supply issue,” the federal government is testing a program allowing teens 18 years old and older to participate in an apprenticeship program.

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Fun In Arkansas
The yougest Truck Driver is Jaquize Green (18) became the first student in the state of Arkansas to successfully complete a Commercial Driver’s License Program (CDL) while still in high school.

The program at Forrest City School District is the first of its kind and is being made possible through a partnership with East Arkansas Community College.
In addition to participating in the CDL program, Jaquize Green runs track for the Forrest City Mustangs, plays baseball, and likes to play video games in his spare time.

The federal government announced that is moving forward with a plan to let teenagers drive big rigs from state to state in a test program. Currently, truckers who cross state lines must be at least 21 years old.

Under the apprenticeship, younger drivers can cross state lines during 120-hour and 280-hour probationary periods, as long as an experienced driver is in the passenger seat. So therefore, new truckers like Jaquize Green can get on the road after completion of the apprentice program.

In addition to participating in the CDL program,

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