Love Yourself This and Every Day Even Valentine’s Day

Today we spoke with Brittany and Zack from Riverview Health.  One of our favorite quotes today from Brittany is “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  Essentially advocating for us to ensure we all taking care of ourselves and not draining ourselves helping others.  We don’t have to conform to the standards pushed upon us by society and social media.  Zack suggests acknowledging Valentine’s Day even if you’re not in a relationship as we are always in a relationship with ourselves.  Give yourself permission to have fun, call up a friend and do something you both enjoy, even if it’s a nice walk in the park. Most importantly if you are feeling overwhelmed and almost drowning in emotion please call Riverview Behavioral Health Hospital’s 24/7, (870) 888-2478, hotline and start down a solid path to mental wellness.