First Annual National Trick or Treat Day

Courtesy of Unsplash

Everyone knows that All Hollows Eve (Halloween), is on October 31, but what you may not know is that tomorrow (October 26) is the first-ever National Trick or Treat Day. National Trick or Treat Day is part of a growing movement to move Halloween to the last Saturday of the month.

While it is true that Halloween falling during the week can be pretty inconvenient, what with school and work coming early the next day. Plus, it’s pretty hard for a kid to resist eating half of the candy they’ve collected, which then brings on the sugar buzz, making it nearly impossible for sleep to come. Woohoo, let’s eat all the candy (sorry, the 12-year-old in me came out for a second)!

On the other hand, Halloween is the 31st of October (regardless of which day it falls). Everyone expects children to stop by on the 31st wearing their favorite superhero or princess costume. As a home occupier, on October 31st, you know to either have candy ready or turn off your porch light (which doesn’t always stop the kids from knocking). It’s ingrained in us. It’s instilled in us. It’s tradition!

Where do you land on this issue, tradition or convenience? Let us know!!

For more information about the move Halloween to the weekend click here National Trick or Treat Day #NationalTrickOrTreatDay

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