Food Assistance Is Early Monday Morning

Courtesy Facebook

Angela Lockamy of Flower Acres Baptist Church Food Pantry tells us of an early morning shipment of free food for our community, coming Monday, May 18th.

Flower Acres Baptist Church in conjunction with East Texas Food Bank will have two tractor-trailers of fresh produce coming in Monday morning the 18th. We will be distributing approximately 80,000 lb of beautiful fruits and veggies.
There is plenty for everyone.

3000 flower Acre Road Texarkana Texas. 75501 Start lining up on bender Road at 8 am.

* do not block driveways

* do not throw trash out on the roads.

* keep your windows rolled up when you enter the parking lot.

* back hatch, trunk and truck bed loading only, no exceptions.

* just curious, have you priced produce at Walmart recently?
Come on out and save some money. LET US BLESS YOU!

This blessing is for everyone please share far and wide. No ID required, no income verification necessary.

She also advises that Ministries Volunteers must be in place by 6:00 AM, to unload the food in bulk, in order for the community to receive.

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