Garth’s 35th Anniversary of Much Too Young [VIDEO]

This week is the 35th Anniversary of GARTH BROOKS releasing his debut single, Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old). The song is about a rodeo cowboy who has been competing for years and doesn’t have the strength to keep at it anymore with the stress of being away from home all the while watching a younger crowd taking over the business.

Brooks, who co-wrote five of the 10 songs on his debut album, admits that he had no idea how much his life would be affected by his freshman project.

The fact that Chris LeDoux was mentioned in this song led to the champion rodeo bareback rider and Country Music singer-songwriter being introduced to a wider audience.

Chris was surprised to hear his name in the song on the radio one day and set out to meet Garth. Chris said in an interview, that the first thing Garth said to him was, ‘You know Chris, using your name in that song, you wouldn’t believe how that’s helped my career.’

Here is the song that got it all started… let the goosebumps commence!

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