Happy Retirement TTPD K-9 Officer Argus

Courtesy FB/texarkanapolice

We would like to thank K-9 Officer Argus of the Texarkana Texas Police Department for his service to our community. Angus has made Texarkana, Texas, and area a safer place to live, work and play. We know he will enjoy chilling outside and just hanging out being a dog, but to us, he will be a superhero.

This is what retirement looks like for a police K9. Argus recently retired after serving this community for a little over 7 years. During that time, he spent hours perfecting his skills and helping us put bad guys in jail. Now, he has a little bit slower pace. He gets to kick back, relax, and play with his doggie toys as much as he wants. He’ll live out the rest of his life with his handler, Sgt. Nick Tirone, and his family.  Three cheers to Argus and best wishes for a long and happy retirement!! Enjoy. You certainly earned it.

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