Happy Valentine Anniversary

Courtesy Pixabay

Believe it or not, there are some couples who were married on Valentine’s Day.

It could have been a matter of convenience for these people, especially if February 14th was on a  Friday or a Saturday. The day was right, and so were the flowers. After all, it’s hard to beat red, pink and cream, for a beautiful combination. That certainly makes a beautiful bouquet to carry.

Or, even if February 14th was on a Monday or Tuesday the year you two decided to jump the broom, it is still a romantic date, even if you went to the courthouse, were married by a justice of the peace, or in a pastor’s study…it’s memorable.

Which brings me to this. Stuart and I have been married for 23 years today. It’s been a wild ride, with and without a motorcycle. He popped the question on New Year’s Eve. We married on February 14th, 1997. He wanted to have the nuptials on Valentine’s Day. I asked him, “Valentine’s Day? Whatever for?”

“So I won’t forget our anniversary,”, he grinned.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day to my Huppy.

And Happy Valentine’s Day, to those of you who also married on the Most Romantic Day of the Year.

At least we don’t forget, do we?

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