Help Find Billy Baird of Texarkana (Update)

Courtesy FB/Texarkana Texas Police Department

Please help the Texarkana Texas Police Department find Billy Baird. Mr. Baird is 80 years old and there is a great concern for his safety. Please call 911 immediately if you see Billy.

Update:*** Authorities say the individual was located, is safe and has been returned to his residence***

Here is the original release from the police department:

We need your help. We are looking for 80-year-old Billy Baird after he walked off from an assisted living facility on Hampton Road about 4:00 this morning. It’s believed that he left through a window that he somehow managed to get open. He has been diagnosed with a cognitive illness, and we are very concerned for his safety.
He has short grey hair with a scruffy beard and has an open wound on the right side of his neck. He’s probably wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots.
Please help us keep an eye out for him. If you see Mr. Baird, please call 911 immediately.

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