Huge Garage Sale to Benefit Arkansas Children’s Hospital


The wonderful benefit garage sale will be this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 22-24, starting at 7am each day.

Mr. Bill Waggoner, his wife, and friends put this on every year. All proceeds raised from sale of items goes to the Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Arkansas which is such a lifesaver for the children who are their patients and the families who care for them.

The sale is huge and they have almost any thing you can think of to look at and purchase. If you would like to donate an item it’s not to late. Phone Gary Rowland at 903-278-3351.

Their will be signs pointing the way to the sale, but the exact location is 268 PR 1015, Texarkana Arkansas in Miller County.

If for some reason you can’t make it, they have an account set up at all Milway Federal Credit Union locations, under Billy Joe Waggoner. Just let them know you want to donate and all proceeds go to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Help out this great cause and find you something terrific to purchase at this year’s Garage Sale.

Mr. Waggoner also wants to thank J.J. Livestock for again letting them have a fundraiser Cake Sale at the auction center about a month ago. Also thanks to all the people who donate items each year for the garage sale.

The weather will be great this weekend so make sure to attend.

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