Jordan’s 20 in 2020

So, everyone is all about New Year’s REsolutions. However, for me….they never work. Which is why I have an alternative that I am going to do. Instead of listing all the things that I will and won’t do for the year. I am doing more of a bucket list platform. Since we are entering a new decade, I decided to so 20 things in 2020. That is 20 activities or goals that I want to accomplish in 2020. Here they are:

Make $1,000 with my side hustle
Start a Vlog
Start a Personal Blog
Publish a Book
Run a Marathon
Loose 50 lbs
Build a House
Make the Presidents List in the Master’s Program (Make A’s)
Save $1,000
Go on a Book Tour or attend a Book Festival
Read a Book a Month
Get out of credit card debt
AdaptAttapt a Morning Routine
Adapt a Nighttime Routine
Become a Beta-REader
Have a Book Release Party
Be Soda free for a Month
Buy a New Wardrobe
Voice an animation or voice over
Join a runners group

Some of these are BIG goals that I might not accomplish, but at least they are things to try. What are 20 things you are doing for 2020?

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