New Year’s Hustle

Ah… the things we do for our best life. It’s hard to achieve everything we want in life. Especially when we go above and beyond for silly superstitions, I’m talking about the one that says whatever you do on new year’s day; you will be doing for the rest of the year. It’s weird… I know. However, my family and I believe in it with such fierce. SO much in fact that we do all kinds of things before New years day so that we won’t be doing it for the rest of the year. It gets crazy around the house! Here is what we do around our house to prepare for the new year.

-We wash all of our clothes so that we won’t wash anyone out of our family (or have any dirty clothes for the new year).
-cleaning out the fridge so that we will make room for new things in our lives
-paying off/paying down credit cards, so we have a fresh start.
-getting rid of clothes that are too big so that we won’t grow into them (gotta lose that weight, not gain it)
-getting hair and nails done so that we won’t look messy the rest of the year
-cleaning out the clutter and getting organized so there won’t be chaos all year.
-synchronizing all the clocks so we will stay on time all year.
-purify your digestive system…..this one doesn’t need an explanation (Ugh)
-clean the floors so you won’t be homeless (or be walking on dirty floors all year

There are more things that we do, but you get the gist. What do you do to prepare for the new year?

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