Plan to attend the Miller County Fair Membership Drive

The Miller County Fair Membership drive is on January 16th, this is a great opportunity to improve the ‘fabric’ of our community and change the lives of our youth.  Let’s get back to the basics.  Jessica Jeane, President of the Miller County Fair Association was our guest today.  Please plan to attend this event and support this great organization.

We look forward to helping raise awareness for the Miller Country Fair with Jessica Jean…

Fair Family and Friends,

What an honor it is to be serving as the President of the Miller County Fair Association. As your 2020 President, I am dedicated to look for opportunities for our youth, commitments from our business neighbors, and support from our community. We look forward to another year as we strive for change, a change that will be action-packed, educational, and entertaining for the whole family.

Being a lifelong fairgoer and participant, the County Fair is near and dear to my heart. Over the years the Fair offered me a learning and growing environment. I have so many fond memories of attending, working and participating in the Fair. From showing livestock, play days, making home arts, baking cookies and cakes, to learning from my Dad and Mom the true meaning of Volunteering and giving back. As I continue to enjoy all of these values and traditions I enjoy making new ones with my own children.

Over the 2019 year I walked over the County Fair Grounds praying for direction, participation, volunteers and a new vision. The Lord has provided me with a plethora of support from our local Agriculture Teachers and 4H Leaders. Their knowledge, willingness to help, vision for the Fair and commitment to our youth of Miller County has me EXCITED for the 2020 year. The mission is to embrace all ages, person, cultures, and entities within Miller County. We shall embrace the spirit of community values, promote Western and Agriculture Heritage and the History of Miller County.

The Miller County Fair runs solely on volunteer power. We encourage groups to represent their company or organizations by helping together in an area of the fair or for an event. This is a fun COUNTYWIDE event. Members not only give us a chance to run a better fair but also give an opportunity for residents to help our youth to better their talents and skills.

I invite you to join our association, as we celebrate change, history, family, friendship and heritage. I look forward to making new memories with you.

Jessica Jeane, President
Miller County Fair Association

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