Police Looking For Alleged Thief



Texarkana Texas Police are asking for you help in identifying a suspect who allegedly stole some boots from a local business.

Here is a Press Release from TTPD:

Do you know this guy? Have you noticed that he’s sporting a brand new pair of Redwing boots? While we’re sure that he looks pretty good in his new footwear, the problem is that he left the store without paying for them. After asking the clerk to get him another size from the backroom to try on, he took off out the door while she was gone. When the clerk came back out a minute later, she was surprised to find that both he and the boots were now gone.
If you recognize him, please call us at 903-798-3116. Detective Jarrod Dean would love to sit down and visit with him for a few minutes about this. Let’s see if we can help facilitate that meeting.

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