Randy Travis Releases New Music With the Help of AI [VIDEO]


Courtesy FB/RandyTravis

Randy Travis, who experienced a debilitating stroke 11 years ago, is making a comeback with the help of AI technology and a “surrogate” voice. Warner Music Nashville is pioneering a unique method to bring back his voice by blending an AI-generated version of Randy’s voice with singer James DuPre’s surrogate voice on the new track “Where That Came From.”

For your baseline comparison, here is one of surrogate voice James Dupre’s performances on The Voice.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the amazing Randy Travis, and the hard work of his team, here is Randy’s latest release “Where That Came From.”

The story of how it came together was fascinating!

I don’t know about you but hearing Randy’s voice on new music made me cry. Hopefully, they can give us more!

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