Snacks of the 90s

My favorite memory as a kid growing up in the 90s was snack time. Getting off the bus, getting in the house, and pillaging through the snack drawl was one of my favorite parts of my day. Here are my top 5 favorite 90s snacks.

5. Dunkaroos: The fun-fetti icing was the BOMB!
4. Jawbreakers: These were usually paired with hair clips and overalls. They were a HUGE fad in the late 90s!
3. Fun-Dip: Did you ever eat the white candy stick part? I did!
2. String thing Fruit snacks: I soooo miss these! They were awesome and fun to play with!
1. Lunchables (pepperoni pizza): I am a little ashamed to say, that I still eat these Now!! Nutritional and fun!

Honorable mentions: bottle pops/push pops, Fruit by the foot/fruit roll-ups, Gushers, bubble tape, Cookie Crisp cereal, pop tart cereal, Flinstone push-pops, Cosmic Brownies.

AWWW MAN! The ’90s had it good! So many delicious things! What was your favorite snack in the 90s?

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