Suspect Hurts Himself After Fall on Wet Concrete

Courtesy Texarkana Texas Police FB

A suspect found out that running from police while handcuffed on wet concrete is a bad idea.

Texarkana Texas Police released the following statement about the incident:

We arrested Stephen Payne yesterday morning after a man on N. Kenwood called 911 to report that he’d seen someone climb over his fence and walk through his back yard. If that weren’t enough to make him suspicious, he noticed that he was carrying a laptop computer even though it was misting rain.

Officers Dacota Taylor and Dustin Johnson found Payne walking a couple blocks away and stopped him. They immediately noticed that Payne smelled strongly of marijuana and wound up arresting him after they talked to him for a few minutes. When the officer let go of him briefly to open the back door to the patrol car so he could get in, Payne took off running – still wearing handcuffs. Unfortunately for Payne, he slipped on the wet concrete as he tried to get away and fell face first. Despite Payne kicking at the officers while he laid on the ground, they were able to take him back into custody without much difficulty. However, they had to call an ambulance for him because his face was bleeding pretty bad from when he fell.

In the meantime, Sgt. Jeremy Courtney noticed that the front door on a house in the neighborhood was standing open. When the owners got back home a few minutes later, they found that a laptop and several other things were missing from inside their house – all of which Payne had with him when we stopped him.

After he was treated at the hospital, we took him down to the Bi-State Jail. He was charged with Burglary, Evading Arrest, Resisting Arrest, and Possession of Marijuana. A judge set his total bond at $48,000 this morning.

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