The 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts, Ever

Courtesy Pixabay

We want you to have a great Valentine’s Day… So please don’t give any of these gifts.  We caught up with some ladies at the station and asked them “What is the worst Valentine’s Day gift you ever got?”   This is crazy but true…

10- A card with another women’s name in it

9- Expired coupons

8- Half box of Christmas chocolates

7- Valentine’s Day lunch that was a half-eaten happy meal and no drink.

6- A breakup email/text

5- A backrub that wasn’t really a “back rub.”

4- Weight Watchers plan as a gift.

3- My boyfriend got me the grill that he always wanted.

2- A dress that I would never wear… told me “I think red dresses are sexy.”  The dress did not even come close to covering my butt.

1- A double date with his mom.  Yup.  He takes both his mom and me out to dinner. (His mom took this dinner as the time to tell me that I wasn’t good enough for her son.”


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