TTPD Felony Friday | October 23

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Texarkana Texas Police Department has released the much-awaited edition of Felony Friday. If you have any information on the whereabouts of 25-year-old Shamarcus King and 19-year-old Javeon Harris please call TTPD immediately.

It’s time again for Felony Friday, and we got a double feature for you this week. We’re looking for 25-year-old Shamarcus King and 19-year-old Javeon Harris. Both are wanted for Criminal Mischief over $30,000.

These two guys are suspected in being a part of botched plan to steal an ATM from the TexAR Federal Credit Union early in the morning on September 30th. For all their effort, they pretty much sucked as thieves because they didn’t get away with a single penny. However, they did manage to completely destroy the ATM in the process. They knew that they had to get in and get out in just a couple of minutes, but things weren’t working quite like they planned. When they realized that their get rich quick scheme was falling apart faster than a granola bar, they decided that they better get out of there before the cops showed up – but they’d already waited too late. Officer Daniel Linn got there just as they trying to leave, and he pursued them. After going just a few blocks with Linn right behind them, the driver suddenly stopped just long enough for King and Harris to jump out of the car and run away, but then he was quickly off to the races again. The driver was arrested after he eventually pulled over about a mile down the road. We searched the neighborhood that night but never found the guys who bailed out of the car.

They probably thought that they’d gotten away with it but didn’t count on Detective D.E. Evans being assigned the case. He has been working hard on it since that morning and wasn’t about to give up. This week, he got the break in the case he was looking for and now had the evidence to show that King and Harris were the other men involved and got felony warrants for both of them. Because they weren’t able to actually steal anything that night, he could only charge them with the damage to the ATM. However, because of the high dollar amount of that, it still wound up being a felony.

If you know where we can find them, please call us at #texarkanapolice

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