TTPD Seek Your Help Finding ‘Joe Cool’


Texarkana Texas Police Department would like your help identifying this “Ray-Ban Bandit.” Well, technically, we aren’t sure the brand of glasses stolen from Dillard’s last week. We have complete details to follow.

Anybody recognize Joe Cool here? He managed to pull a fast one last week at Dillards and walk out the door with over $1300 in merchandise.

Security saw him putting several pair of sunglasses into his backpack, and they immediately confronted him because it was painfully obvious what he was doing. He mustered up all his acting skills and managed to convince them that he was truly sorry and put three pairs of glasses back on the shelf. Thinking that they’d managed to prevent a theft before it actually happened, they let him leave the store.

Unfortunately, when they watched the video later, they discovered that he’d actually put six more pair in his bag than he pulled out and replaced on the shelf. Guess that no good deed goes unpunished…

If you know who this guy is, please call us at 903-798-3116.


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