TTPD Takes More Drugs Off The Streets

Great training and quick response by TTPD Officer Fleming keeps our community safe.

Officer Dewey Fleming stopped Takary Wright about 3:45 yesterday morning for a minor traffic violation in the 1600 block of W. 5th Street. When he walked up to the driver’s door, he could see Wright frantically moving around in his seat and trying to hide something. Officer Fleming told Wright to turn off the motor and step out of the car. Now maybe he thought about listening to Fleming for a minute or maybe he didn’t – but we guess he ultimately said, “forget it”. He threw it in reverse and floored it – slamming into the front of the patrol car. Officer Fleming managed to get one shot from his JPX pepper gun off before Wright sped away. He wrecked out at the corner of W. 5th and Waterall Streets after trying to take the turn there too fast, but he still wasn’t ready to give up. He jumped out of the the car and took off running with Officer Fleming right on his heels for all of the 40 yards it took for him to catch and tackle him.

Once he got him in handcuffs, they found several bags of various drugs on him and in his car – including meth, ecstasy, Clonazepam, Xanax, and marijuana. Guess we know now why he ran in the first place…

After being taken by the hospital to make sure that he hadn’t gotten hurt in the crash, he was booked into the Bi-State Jail. He was charged with 3 counts of Possession of Controlled Substance, Criminal Mischief over $2,500, Evading Arrest with a Vehicle, and Possession of Marijuana. He also had a parole violation warrant out of Arkansas. His total bond was set at $150,000.


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