Winter Hygge Essentials

It’s WINTER! I love winter! The cozy coldness of the season puts me in my favorite mood…comfy, which is why I intend to Hygge as much as I can! It’s all about creating an environment that comforts our senses. Here are my Hygge essentials.

-Pillows and Blankets: I love surrounding my house with comfy feel-good stuff. The velvety and fuzzy blankets are the best. The heavier, the better. Pillows are great when they are thick and fluffy.
-Socks: I like thicker socks for the winter instead of house-shoes. I am really diggin’ this pair I have that feels so soft. They are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E. If I am in my home, they are on my feet.
-Baths: I take more baths in the winter. Something about a good soak always puts me in a great mood, especially when I have lavender bubble baths.
– Skin Oils: I use peppermint oil instead of lotion for my skin. It lasts longer, and it feels great.
-Candles: I bring out and/or buy a lot of candles. Right now, I am all about the earthy, sweet, and spice smelling ones. (Vanilla, cinnamon, pine, gingerbread, clove, etc.)
-Lightbulbs: When winter comes, I love to switch my lightbulbs to lower wattage and soft white. I also get smart bulbs I can connect with my google hub so that I can dim them. Gotta set the mood.
-Crockpot: In the winter, I overdose on crockpot meals. They are easy and comfy. Plus, super delicious. Nothing like a hot meal to soothe the soul.
-Hot Drinks: My go-to hot beverage during the winter is hot tea. British breakfast with a little silk (soy milk) and honey. I also will splurge a little and make hot chocolate.
-Music: If I am in my home. I am playing soothing piano music. I have a couple of playlists that I play on rotation that are meant for mental relaxation. One of them I call my hygge chill time playlist. It is a playlist of music that puts me in a relaxed, feel-good mood.
-Fireplace: There is nothing that puts me in a great relaxed mood more than a nice warm fire in a fireplace/pit.
-Tv Shows: Nothing better than a day of hygge than with some awesome binge-watching! I may or may not be binge-watching right now…..

Who is ready for a comfy day of hygge. I know I am. What is your favorite winter hygge essential? Bring on the Hyggge!

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